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We have endeavoured to offer just 3 schemes (based on life span and life goals) as we believe that in reality there are broadly just three set of investors



Age 1 to 30, who have a lifelong runway and have an investment horizon between 10 and 30 years. Planning for higher education, weddings etc. The largest quantum of compounded wealth can be made by this class of investors by themselves or through their guardians. 

This strategy bears relatively higher risk, requiring longer investment horizon.



Age 30 to 50, who are in successful jobs, saving well, have an investment horizon between 5 and 20 years and are looking to build a retirement corpus or accomplish goals such as buying a home, car etc. 

This strategy bears moderate risk, requiring a minimum investment horizon of 5-7 Years.



Age 50 to 70, who have an investment horizon between 3 and 10 years, who could need to liquidate at a short notice and for whom capital preservation is paramount even for short term. 

This strategy bears significantly lower risk but for the systemic issues of the economy.                                                                                                                      

Risk is the most under appreciated and least understood variable in one’s investment journey. High tide of exuberance lifts all boats (read: Stocks) but very few fund managers remain fearful and cautious during such times. A large part of our time and research is invested in ensuring that our portfolios weather the economic and global storms gracefully. Return of Capital is of far greater importance to us than Return on Capital.

Low Beta, consistent dividend yield, high ROCE, Margin of Safety and above all faith in the quality of the management are few of our non-negotiable parameters in our stock selection process. 

We are happy to wait for months looking for the right entry point in stocks and are happy to give a pass to paper profits but refuse to give-in to the pressure of capital deployment or to FOMO.

If You resonate with our philosophy of peaceful investing and consistent returns write to us.

Smallcase is a DIY platform, using which You can subscribe to Our Core portfolios directly through your broker. You can buy / sell multiple stocks in 1 click and the stocks you buy are held in Your existing demat account. This empowers you to invest in the portfolio as when You have available liquidity or whenever there is a correction in the market thereby allowing you to do cost averaging.

All our portfolios are reviewed on a weekly basis and You can easily rebalance Your smallcases in 1 click and You can track smallcases anytime, anywhere.

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