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The great American dream

I landed at the JFK some 2 weeks ago with a thought that I am visiting a country that is nursing a severe recession and almost expected to see it with my naked eyes. My objective was to identify one catalyst that made ‘The great American dream’ and made America the ‘land of opportunity’.

It didn’t take me long to figure out.

I was humbled when I visited the Ground Zero and my heart goes out to the families of people who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks. The stories about how the fire fighters smilingly gave up their lives ‘proudly’ to save a few others – are moving.

A few blocks away lies the nucleus of global finance (The Wall Street) and I happened to strike a conversation with a few brokers over coffee. It was interesting to note the infectious optimism. Recession was the topic of discussion and almost all of them said “We Americans are smart people and we will definitely figure out a way fast – out of this turmoil”

President Obama’s “Yes we can” reverberates through the soul of this country and through every single citizen.

Americans work hard and party harder. The Pubs are packed. People are still shopping with a vengeance on the 5th Ave.

Recession is a state of mind. Fundamentally nothing much has changed on this planet but for a little aberration in the global confidence. If every single person on this planet gets ones’ confidence back, recession will be over – overnight.

Comprising of 5% of the world population, Americans generate 25% of the world GDP in a country that is rich in natural resources, is the fulcrum of global inventions, and is an economic and military superpower. The vastness of the US is overwhelming.

Warren Buffet is right “No matter what you do – do not bet against the United States of America”.

3 thoughts on “The great American dream”

  1. Reading about your 'infectios optimism' reminds me of an sms I got once…that does generate a positivity within.. :)…it says… " Never say, ' Oh God…i have a big problem'…rather one should say, 'O problem…i have a big GOD…so watch out!!'" :)…believe me works. 🙂

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