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Money can only  be made with patience. And that’s why we want a longer runway to handle your money and protect and grow it. Unlike the ocean full of wealth management professionals who charge obnoxious sums and still go home happy with their salaries and bonuses irrespective of the client’s returns, we draw our profits only if we beat 10% returns per annum. Till such time we only charge a 1% fee (Of AUM) to keep afloat and buy ‘the proverbial bread‘.

We charge 1% fees on the value of fund and thereafter 20% of the incremental profit in only in excess of 10%.

Which means

If the fund returns 15%, we charge 1% up to 10% return and 20% of the additional 5%.


Amt in Rs.



Return of 15%


Up to 10% of return (Up to Rs 5,00,000) – 1% of AUM


Additional 5% of Return (Incremental Profit of Rs 2,50,000) – 20% of incremental profit


Total Fees


Total Fees on Investment (%)


Regulation and Safety

It took us a little over 12 months to get our SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) approval because of scrutiny, diligence and thoroughness of the system that’s becoming more and more strict. We are obliged to report to SEBI on a monthly basis and be compliant in every aspect. Should you still have an issue with our conduct, you have the freedom to write to SEBI at SCORES but please allow us 30 days to resolve your query.

Skin in the Game

Our fees really kicks in, if we perform beyond the hurdle rate. Up to 10% we are barely sustaining the organisation and that puts just the adequate pressure on us. Further the immediate family and friends of the Fund Manager have their entire wealth and corpus invested in the PMS so that the Fund Manager and his family have complete skin in the game.