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Unemployment is here to stay forever

A few months back I was woken up on a dreary day with a strange commotion outside my window and when I drew the curtain to peep hoping that the bright sun would not wash away my sleepy stupor all I could see was a plethora of high tech machines with bright flashing lights on top and personnel in bright jackets running from one end to the other.

I thought some major crime/accident has happened and upon watching intently I realised that what seemed as elaborate as a pre preparation for the launch of a space shuttle was nothing more than an exercise to collect the leaves that the trees had shed during fall.

I was amused.

All this – just to collect a few fallen leaves.

Look at it from a financial perspective. Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of fast depreciating equipment, burning tonnes of fuel – just to collect a few leaves. Automation at its very best while 2.1 million people are enjoying the unemployment benefits at the cost of the tax payer, comfortably staying in council houses and hoping that the Government realises the tough times and increases the monthly dole.

If the ‘dignity of labour’ is not just an academic expression, why can’t people be asked to pick up the traditional broom and come out on streets and contribute towards keeping the country clean and justify the monthly dole that they have so gotten used to.

If the world has to survive, the scope of socialism has to be redefined.

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