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Happy Birthday Dear Sister

Many people have made a difference in my life with their love, affection, support, strength of character and above all by being there when I needed them the most. As Tanu turns 28 today I cannot help but write a few lines to wish her Happy Birthday.

On 21st Dec this little angel took birth and brought immense joy to our lives and growing up with her was full of happiness. While we both fought madly, she would always relent and let me have my way.

As school happened, her keen interest in karate was commendable and for the next 10 years she trained every single day to become the Black Belt Dan II, one of the youngest in her city. Financial exigencies pushed her to start teaching and for many years she taught over 50 students of the preceding class each day while coping with her own studies.

Her ability to paint, dance, teach, work and strike a balance between all these activities never failed to amaze everyone in the family and her ability to form an instant fan club has been a source of inspiration for me all my life.

Never ever did any of her actions or decisions cause a concern for anyone in the family and we have always been proud of her simplicity and values.

It was a happy but emotional day for the family when she married the love of her life Soarabh and went away to the US. While it is easy (understandably) to get busy with the new life, not a day has passed that she hasn’t called to check upon my welfare. Along-with many relatives and friends she quietly transferred a large sum of money so that I could complete my MBA in the midst of the stock market crash as all my financial plans nosedived with the world indices.

Her sensitivity amazes me. During my recent trip to the US, I liked a shirt but did not have the money to buy it and neither the courage to express my desire. She sensed this thought and quietly bought this amazing shirt and hid it in my suitcase so that I wouldn’t get embarrassed and discovered it only when I unpacked in the UK. As an Indian we are used to eating rotis instead of bread. She cooked hundreds of rotis for days before my departure from the US so that my staple diet gets sorted for many months at Warwick.

I can go on and on but words are not adequate to say how proud and blessed I am to have Tanu as my sister and how much I love her.

God bless you Tanu. Happy Birthday..

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dear Sister”

  1. Gr8 wrds bhaiya…really it wud require lot of pages in this blog to describe simplicity,innocence and down to earth personality like tanu di…god bles her always …luv u di ..happy birthday !!!!
    ur bro..aditya

  2. Very touching Manu!
    Brought tears to my eyes and reminded me how much I miss my brothers here in US.
    Tanu is such a doll indeed…wish I could meet her more often. Happy Birthday Tanu!
    May god bless you with all the happiness and your bond with Manu bhaiya gets stronger and stronger each day 🙂

  3. A thoughtful write up straight from heart. Between you two, brother and sister, I am really not sure who is lucky to have whom? Wishing you again on this speacial day Tanu.


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