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Warmth – An essential leadership tool

One of the most important tools of leadership is warmth. That’s something, which can neither be taught to a leader nor can it be acquired.
The gait of true leaders can be recognised from miles away. Their warmth, way of interaction with their colleagues, a gentle pat on the shoulder, a smile or a greeting (without expecting one in return) are powerful conduits of influence that align organisations in the directions of common compelling goals.
I have personally met many alleged leaders in life for whom giving a smile or an involuntary handshake tantamounts to parting away with a family heirloom. But there are no awards for guessing what the future of such companies is. And I have met leaders who exude warmth that can move mountains and instill hope and promise within anyone / any team.
Warmth creates an environment of trust and allows communication of ideas. Ideas make an organisation. Companies that allow ideas to thrive and propagate are the companies that become great.
Warmth also helps you to connect immediately. Connections and interactions based on the bedrock of warmth and on being a genuine human being last a lifetime.
I recently watched ‘The Great Gatsby’ who I thought was an epitome of warmth, love and hope. He was betrayed at the end. But then the world would be bereft of trust if we fear betrayal.

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