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“Great” Britain

The un-Commonwealth games

I have been receiving messages from my friends in Britain about some juicy dope on the ill fated games that are likely to start in a few days. I am ashamed that some greedy individuals in the position of authority have brought immense disrepute to the nation and to Indians at large. While I am worried about the images that are being flashed across the world media, the collapsing bridges… Read More »The un-Commonwealth games

The rules of the global game have changed

US, Japan, Germany and UK (top 4) contribute roughly 40% of the global GDP and have held this position for a relatively long period of time. Settlement in a western country used to be a thing of pride at one point of time and in some pockets of the world – it still is. In the hinterland of Punjab in India many people would erect large concrete airplanes on their… Read More »The rules of the global game have changed

The world is still full of very nice people – and the planet has ‘hope’ for itself

Search for a room in London can be quite frustrating. As a student one not only fights against time, the onerosity of travel and a diminishing bank balance but also with the issue of potential landlords asking for references, large security deposits and the fear of unknown. I kept my hope high and during one of these searches, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a family that had 2… Read More »The world is still full of very nice people – and the planet has ‘hope’ for itself

Very Anticipatingly Yours

In 1928, philologist and lexicographer H. W. Fowler gave a new order to salutations and closures in letters and confused the world amongst sincerely, faithfully, truly and very truly. Even though I have utmost regard for the English language (as this is one common thread that binds the world), last few weeks of writing business letters (basically request for job letters) left me wondering. Why?? Gone are the days when… Read More »Very Anticipatingly Yours

The British Summers

Human beings in general have a habit of being in a denial mode. Last year for the 1st 9 months of 2008 the economists of the world were in a denial mode about recession and made the world believe that recession might never strike and could possibly be averted. It took a Lehman and a dozen banks in succession to formally declare recession. And by that time it was too… Read More »The British Summers