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The British Summers

Human beings in general have a habit of being in a denial mode. Last year for the 1st 9 months of 2008 the economists of the world were in a denial mode about recession and made the world believe that recession might never strike and could possibly be averted. It took a Lehman and a dozen banks in succession to formally declare recession. And by that time it was too late. I kept wondering why were the economists in a denial mode.

A similar analogy can be drawn with the ‘British Summers’. The summer season is allegedly in full swing. People refuse to carry their umbrellas. On a cloudy day when the temperature is sub 15 degrees and the Cumulonimbus is ready to enact Shakespeare’s pathetic fallacy, it’s not uncommon to see people lying in the parks pretending to be scorched by the elusive sun.

Mortals like me who prefer to carry their jumpers and jackets are almost looked at with a degree of contempt. I am bemused when people say, ‘what a lovely weather’. I chuckle and say ‘yes sure – only if you happen to be a duck’.

Why can’t we simply sacrifice this denial mode for good and be snug and warm in our jackets and avoid getting wet and catching a cold.

Britain has no summers. It only has winters and rains.

4 thoughts on “The British Summers”

  1. I truly agree with ya brother, however from the little meterological knowledge thst i've gained thru the studies I did at Nautical School – Monsoon is a purely Asian Term (Indian sub Continent Primarily) built around seasonal winds bringing along rain; later on used in the American continent as well because of the seasonality sutdied in the rain Pattern.And Brits cant relate to it.. for the very reason – that there is no SEASON for rains!!! It can rain anytime, any hour, on your wedding, during your BBQ and what Not!!!

    Maybe that's the reason why a Brit's face sports a thousand smiling lines and crows feet around his eyes, when he sees the SUN – also maybe the reason why 95% of the coversations in UK are started by talking about the Weather

    "It is a beatiful sunny day today, my name is Gaurav, what's yours?"

  2. Gosh – your dissertation must be getting you down! Either that, or you're just a pessimistic guy….

    What you are referring to isn't denial mode, however, it's good old fashioned British optimism. Why do the Brits tend to be optimistic? One explanation is this trait has carried on form the days of post-world war 2, when there was no alternative but to be optimistic. Another is the distinct recent lack of sporting medals, and good weather forces people to be optimistic. Why else was there 2 day long queues to get into Wimbledon when Andy Murray was playing? Indeed, optimism and hope carry the country through sporting tournaments, British summers and times of adversity. If Brits weren't optimistic then Britain would be a mightily depressing country to live in and visit!

    Britain is an optimistic nation. That's fortunate, as although it may have contibuted in someway to the recession, it is optimism which will get the country through it.

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