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Life at Warwick

My blogging inspiration

I did not know what a blog really was till Oct ’08 and it took a while before I started penning my thoughts and reflections online. Nicholas Bate is an immense source of inspiration who initiated me to blogging and his lectures at Warwick have made a considerable positive impact on me. Time management, presentation, project management and articulation are some skills that Nick has imparted. He has definitely enriched… Read More »My blogging inspiration

Strategy of academic convenience

Academicians have a habit of mutating well established theories, changing a few words, mutating the shape of models and reintroducing the old wine in a self styled bottle. Google (verb.) ESCO – it means nothing to anyone on this planet (not an iota of connection with strategy) yet students who did not believe in the ESCO model were allegedly the lesser mortals in the world of strategy. No one really… Read More »Strategy of academic convenience

Being Awesome!

During an engaging discussion with a fellow colleague, I was taken back to the memories of some wonderful motivational and self development sessions where Nick Bate advised us with clinical sharpness – ‘one way to succeed and to be happy is by being awesome in whatever you do’ The same discussion happens year after year. Nick says just be awesome. Students say, its just not possible because political correctness and… Read More »Being Awesome!

My first week at school a year ago!

Just as the new set of students on the MBA ‘conveyor’ start their year long journey tomorrow, my memories go back to my first week at Warwick. Excitement levels to their hilt. It was an amazing amalgam of excitement and nervousness. Many amongst us were getting back to books after over 10 years. Fellow students were regaling the groups with their past achievements. The class seemed infinitely large because of… Read More »My first week at school a year ago!

Creation – Preservation – Destruction – Creation (CPDC)

Strategy Module has been intriguing. Many of my dear friends were punished with abysmally low marks. I only have one question to ask – is the marker’s belief in his connotation of strategy the final word in the subject? If yes, why can’t his/her ideas be utilized to strategise about dozens of things that are of immensely improvable order in an otherwise excellent school. (This isn’t a forum to ejaculate… Read More »Creation – Preservation – Destruction – Creation (CPDC)

Dissertation Blues

One of the hot topics of discussion these days is the pending dissertation to be submitted by the ides of September. A paper comprising of some 15000 words. I am convinced that this dissertation is a ‘high quality’ and ‘thoughtful’ – cut copy and paste. And people have been vehemently disagreeing with me. Some have made library their home. Some have become insomniacs and some are just too nervous. Well… Read More »Dissertation Blues

Investments and Risk Management

The last of my academic modules at Warwick Business School ended at an absolute high. The Investments and Risk management was a great module. Prof. Ron Watson of Rutgers Business School took us through the finer nuances of valuations of bonds and shares and gave an interesting view about the world economy. Prof Watson has an enviable experience in the Government (Sr. VP Federal Reserve bank of Philadelphia), Private Sector… Read More »Investments and Risk Management

Doing your best and a bit more..

This is a pleasant and a welcome week while we are attending Prof. Robert (Bob) Johnston’s Service Management. Having spent a bit of time managing luxury hotels, I wondered what all and how much I will be able to take from this module. But Prof. Johnston (a senior hotelier himself) has put together one of the most interesting modules using more than 30 different models in which managers can reflect… Read More »Doing your best and a bit more..

MBA is almost over and the goodbyes are going to be killing

I have seldom had a sinking feeling. Today as I think that it is just a few more months before we go our separate ways, my stomach churns. Because the opportunity for the 78 of us to get together under a single roof might not come again. I cannot begin to express how delighted I am to be here with wonderful set of people from such diverse and rich backgrounds.… Read More »MBA is almost over and the goodbyes are going to be killing

Strategy – a fallacy?

Much has been said and written about strategy and how companies rise or fall as a consequence of decisions taken (accidentally or intentionally) over a period of time. If strategy was a science it could easily be taught and cracked and theorised and as a consequence of this no company would ever falter because enough evidence and data are available to learn from. Yet – companies continue to make mistakes… Read More »Strategy – a fallacy?