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The Invaluable role of “Chief Business Obstructers” in the modern corporate world

Darwins theory of evolution in its simplistic form says ‘The fittest survive and they fight to compete, survive and procreate’ Societies have evolved over generations where economic progression, education and character have all moved in a synchronous manner. Some of the most developed economies like the US, UK and France have had their fair share of tribulations such as wars, diseases etc but have demonstrated that they maintained their financial,… Read More »The Invaluable role of “Chief Business Obstructers” in the modern corporate world

Goodbye Dr. Raghuram Rajan

Once upon a time there was a great manager in a great organisation who did wonderfully well. He was there on the basis of his competence and past track record. He had many great predictions to his credit and was a person respected for his knowledge and competence in his subject. His boss though was a typical type A personality, rags to riches, rose to the top of the corporation,… Read More »Goodbye Dr. Raghuram Rajan

Decoding the festival of lights – Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights as light is a metaphor for knowledge and darkness represents ignorance. Therefore this festival of lights symbolises the destruction, through knowledge, of all negative forces- wickedness, violence, lust, anger, envy, greed, bigotry, fear, injustice, oppression and suffering. People distribute sweets among friends and relatives as a token of affection and bonhomie, visit each other’s homes and symbolically start a new year. But lately this… Read More »Decoding the festival of lights – Diwali

The un-Commonwealth games

I have been receiving messages from my friends in Britain about some juicy dope on the ill fated games that are likely to start in a few days. I am ashamed that some greedy individuals in the position of authority have brought immense disrepute to the nation and to Indians at large. While I am worried about the images that are being flashed across the world media, the collapsing bridges… Read More »The un-Commonwealth games

Mahatma Gandhi’s (Bapu*) greatness was His simplicity

Google paid a befitting tribute to the apostle of peace Bapu, on his 140th birthday, by putting his simple picture on its mainpage. Bapu achieved through non-violence what the wars of the world have failed to achieve. Bapu says… I have found that life persists in the midst of destruction. Therefore there must be a higher law than that of destruction. Only under that law would well ordered society be… Read More »Mahatma Gandhi’s (Bapu*) greatness was His simplicity

India 4 of ∞

To most people, India is the land of the Taj Mahal, which was built by the fifth Mughal; Shahjahan in 1650, He loved his wife so much that she travelled with him everywhere and in one of the military campaigns; she died at an age of 39 while giving birth to their 14th child. She asked him to show the world how much he loved her and so came the… Read More »India 4 of ∞

India 3 of ∞

The first Rolls Royce came to India in 1908 for the Maharaja of Gwalior and by 1947, the Indian streets were haunted by some 1400 Rolls Royces: The maximum sold in any country in just under 40 years in those times. The traffic jams caused by the cars of the Nizams of Hyderabad, had swarms of poor compensation seekers hoping to have aged relatives run over by his car.

India 2 of ∞

India was primarily the abode of the Dravidians. And then came the various invasions. The Aryans invaded 5000 yrs ago, Huns in 5th century, the Mughals in the 14th century and the British in the 18th. India has come a long way and that is the reason why this country is a melting point of so many religions, languages, cultures and sects. The propensity to compromise and co-exist when survival… Read More »India 2 of ∞

India 1 of ∞

My blog is too small a forum to appropriately describe the richness and expanse of this magnificent country. I will still make an effort each time I write.. Mark Twain wrote after his visit to India at the end of the 19th century. “This is indeed India!!!. The land of dreams and romance, of fabulous wealth and fabulous poverty – of genii and giants and Alladin Lamps, of tigers and… Read More »India 1 of ∞