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Investors are Dancing – But no music can be heard

Is a Financial Tsunami Building up? Just as the stock price of Tesla kisses $2000 (and by the time i finish writing this piece, it might be $2200) and Apple is way past the 2Tr$ Marcap, I receive a text message from an enthusiastic friend of mine who first started investing a few months ago (March 2020) after being forced to work from home and shared his stellar success at… Read More »Investors are Dancing – But no music can be heard

10 Commandments for promoters of Listed Companies

If You are a promoter of a listed company and your basic idea is to loot the gullible public by privatising profits and socialising losses as recently done by Uber and tried hard by we-work this piece is a waste of time for you. If not read on….. Google.v top wealth destroyers in last 2 years and You will deduce that the behavioral pattern of all companies and their promoters… Read More »10 Commandments for promoters of Listed Companies

The Savers Dilemma

During a recent trip to the US, I happened to meet many young executives from the Silicon Valley, doing relatively well and perhaps in the 95 percentile of income group but all fed up with lack of options to generate alpha on their idle cash lying in their savings / checking accounts. And that too in one of the most advanced and efficient consumption driven economies on the planet. One… Read More »The Savers Dilemma

Goodbye Dr. Raghuram Rajan

Once upon a time there was a great manager in a great organisation who did wonderfully well. He was there on the basis of his competence and past track record. He had many great predictions to his credit and was a person respected for his knowledge and competence in his subject. His boss though was a typical type A personality, rags to riches, rose to the top of the corporation,… Read More »Goodbye Dr. Raghuram Rajan

The Story Greed, Deceit and its effect on Organisational Culture

When I first read Greg Smiths resignation letter 3 years ago on the ides of march, I knew something wasn’t right in the way financial institutions operate. A myriad of thoughts ran through my mind. When we trust the people who advise us and implicitly follow the financial institutions that handle our hard earned money, we believe that we are buying professional advice at a fee that is normal. Reality… Read More »The Story Greed, Deceit and its effect on Organisational Culture

The Run Rate Conundrum – ‘Or the beginning of The Great Depression’

Being a citizen of a country obsessed with cricket, the only run rate that I ever knew was the runs that a batsman makes per over and that i thought defined the run rate – till recently when I realised that even businesses (read new e commerce world) are getting discounted and valued on their run rates. It must be very interesting for those old brick and mortar industrial houses… Read More »The Run Rate Conundrum – ‘Or the beginning of The Great Depression’


Economics is quite simple really. Ask your mother who manages a home in the resources available to her. She has no problem in managing her home or saving a kitty for a rainy day. Irrespective of one’s position in the pecking order of financial freedom, the lady of the house always manages within her means. Ben Bernanke (BB) thinks otherwise. He wants the eastern world to spend beyond their means… Read More »Bernankonomics

Dollar’s hay days are almost over

Saddam Hussein was a tyrant and he cannot get any sympathy for any of his actions. But he was not executed for what he did to the Kurds or the alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction. He was executed because he started selling his oil in Euros. For a significant period of time the US of A has been an effective global policeman. And rightly so – because if… Read More »Dollar’s hay days are almost over

The degenerate society and the economic crisis

I was travelling to Nuneaton recently on a bus that goes through Bedworth. A large number of people go to Bedworth or go from Bedworth maybe because that is the only place in vicinity that has a Tesco, Aldi and a few other stores. The bus stopped at a traffic light to let the pedestrians cross and then I saw an old lady (if my guess is right she must… Read More »The degenerate society and the economic crisis

The great American dream

I landed at the JFK some 2 weeks ago with a thought that I am visiting a country that is nursing a severe recession and almost expected to see it with my naked eyes. My objective was to identify one catalyst that made ‘The great American dream’ and made America the ‘land of opportunity’. It didn’t take me long to figure out. I was humbled when I visited the Ground… Read More »The great American dream