June 2009

The great American dream

I landed at the JFK some 2 weeks ago with a thought that I am visiting a country that is nursing a severe recession and almost expected to see it with my naked eyes. My objective was to identify one catalyst that made ‘The great American dream’ and made America the ‘land of opportunity’. It didn’t take me long to figure out. I was humbled when I visited the Ground… Read More »The great American dream

Investments and Risk Management

The last of my academic modules at Warwick Business School ended at an absolute high. The Investments and Risk management was a great module. Prof. Ron Watson of Rutgers Business School took us through the finer nuances of valuations of bonds and shares and gave an interesting view about the world economy. Prof Watson has an enviable experience in the Government (Sr. VP Federal Reserve bank of Philadelphia), Private Sector… Read More »Investments and Risk Management