India 1 of ∞

My blog is too small a forum to appropriately describe the richness and expanse of this magnificent country. I will still make an effort each time I write.. Mark Twain wrote after his visit to India at the end of the 19th century. “This is indeed India!!!. The land of dreams and romance, of fabulous wealth and fabulous poverty – of genii and giants and Alladin Lamps, of tigers and… Read More »India 1 of ∞


Some of my classmates said they cried while seeing the slumdog.I wondered why?Was it upon seeing the abject poverty and deprivation of an average Indian projected in the movie?OrWas it upon seeing the clinically sharp intelligence of Jamal Malik? I have two strong opinions here 1. The Oscars are biased towards the western producers and directors. The reel life story of an imaginary character was indeed a good depiction of… Read More »OSCARS ARE RIGGED

The chronicle of a reluctant blogger

It’s been a while since the thought of blogging has been lingering in my mind but making a start is always a challenge. As a foreigner I have come across many surprises in the last six months but Slumdog is seemingly the perfect trigger for this start. I hope this lasts.