May 2015

Martians, Modi and A Challenge for The PM

For the fear of being left behind I thought it imperative to opine on my Prime Minister for whom I voted and also wanted to write a non economic, easily comprehensible, data-free article that anyone can understand especially my international audience. I haven’t been as amused lately as I am now, looking at the various marketing machineries for Modi who has been creating an aura of invincibility and humbling the… Read More »Martians, Modi and A Challenge for The PM

BlackBerry And The Art Of Becoming Irrelevant in the Business World

Around the time when Mark Zuckerberg was floating around in the dorms of Kirkland House figuring out Facebook (FB) or allegedly plagiarising the Winklevoss brothers’ ideas, the market cap of BlackBerry (BB) was about US$64 billion. Fast forward to 2015, the market cap of FB is at about US$225 billion while BB is less than US$6 billion. There was a time when owning a BB was associated with busy high-level corporate executives who always… Read More »BlackBerry And The Art Of Becoming Irrelevant in the Business World

License to Corruption

Research and data can throw rather interesting theories and a recent one by Uma Karmakar, a Harvard Professor and Bryan Bollinger of Fuqua threw up an interesting argument. Their research drew a correlation that shoppers who brought their own bags to recycle would tend to buy more organic versions of food. One green action led to another. But the same people were most likely to buy ice cream, chips candy… Read More »License to Corruption