September 2010

The un-Commonwealth games

I have been receiving messages from my friends in Britain about some juicy dope on the ill fated games that are likely to start in a few days. I am ashamed that some greedy individuals in the position of authority have brought immense disrepute to the nation and to Indians at large. While I am worried about the images that are being flashed across the world media, the collapsing bridges… Read More »The un-Commonwealth games

Some of the people who made a difference to my life-I

Technology has really made our life simple to the extent that applications like facebook allow you to choose a few people from your friend’s list and categorise them as people who made a difference. I think tagging people is an unthoughtful way of appreciating or saying ‘Thank You’. Its been a while that I have written anything on my blog and I thought that while I am settling in my… Read More »Some of the people who made a difference to my life-I