December 2009

The case for a perpetual Christmas

Recession has been the most pronounced word of 2009. Some call it the credit crunch, some just blame it on their respective governments, some blame their luck, the economists write articles analysing the happenings through a seemingly intellectual eye. My understanding is rather simplistic. Recession is lack of confidence. Recession is lack of balance. Imagine a boat ‘the universe’ which is sailing in balance and suddenly everyone moves to one… Read More »The case for a perpetual Christmas

Happy Birthday Dear Sister

Many people have made a difference in my life with their love, affection, support, strength of character and above all by being there when I needed them the most. As Tanu turns 28 today I cannot help but write a few lines to wish her Happy Birthday. On 21st Dec this little angel took birth and brought immense joy to our lives and growing up with her was full of… Read More »Happy Birthday Dear Sister

The insignificance one’s travel conquests

In the august company of a meritorious family in the UK I was overwhelmed by the ‘grandness’ of the holiday that they recently returned from. The hostess while ensuring an incessant supply of caviar and champagne regaled the guests throughout the evening with her travels on the finest cruises and the number of countries the family visited this year. The sceptic that I am at times – I subtly asked… Read More »The insignificance one’s travel conquests