October 2009

Being Awesome!

During an engaging discussion with a fellow colleague, I was taken back to the memories of some wonderful motivational and self development sessions where Nick Bate advised us with clinical sharpness – ‘one way to succeed and to be happy is by being awesome in whatever you do’ The same discussion happens year after year. Nick says just be awesome. Students say, its just not possible because political correctness and… Read More »Being Awesome!


Economics is quite simple really. Ask your mother who manages a home in the resources available to her. She has no problem in managing her home or saving a kitty for a rainy day. Irrespective of one’s position in the pecking order of financial freedom, the lady of the house always manages within her means. Ben Bernanke (BB) thinks otherwise. He wants the eastern world to spend beyond their means… Read More »Bernankonomics

The Global rant about carbon emissions

Top leaders of the world O, B, S and the likes amuse me. Their rant never stops about CO2 emissions and the impending urgency of doing something about it. And they want India and China to reduce the emissions to half. The developed world (read G8) has enjoyed the pleasure of depleting the world of its fossils and fuels for the last 100 years and have failed to acknowledge their… Read More »The Global rant about carbon emissions

Dollar’s hay days are almost over

Saddam Hussein was a tyrant and he cannot get any sympathy for any of his actions. But he was not executed for what he did to the Kurds or the alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction. He was executed because he started selling his oil in Euros. For a significant period of time the US of A has been an effective global policeman. And rightly so – because if… Read More »Dollar’s hay days are almost over

Mahatma Gandhi’s (Bapu*) greatness was His simplicity

Google paid a befitting tribute to the apostle of peace Bapu, on his 140th birthday, by putting his simple picture on its mainpage. Bapu achieved through non-violence what the wars of the world have failed to achieve. Bapu says… I have found that life persists in the midst of destruction. Therefore there must be a higher law than that of destruction. Only under that law would well ordered society be… Read More »Mahatma Gandhi’s (Bapu*) greatness was His simplicity