September 2009

My first week at school a year ago!

Just as the new set of students on the MBA ‘conveyor’ start their year long journey tomorrow, my memories go back to my first week at Warwick. Excitement levels to their hilt. It was an amazing amalgam of excitement and nervousness. Many amongst us were getting back to books after over 10 years. Fellow students were regaling the groups with their past achievements. The class seemed infinitely large because of… Read More »My first week at school a year ago!

The rules of the global game have changed

US, Japan, Germany and UK (top 4) contribute roughly 40% of the global GDP and have held this position for a relatively long period of time. Settlement in a western country used to be a thing of pride at one point of time and in some pockets of the world – it still is. In the hinterland of Punjab in India many people would erect large concrete airplanes on their… Read More »The rules of the global game have changed

Creation – Preservation – Destruction – Creation (CPDC)

Strategy Module has been intriguing. Many of my dear friends were punished with abysmally low marks. I only have one question to ask – is the marker’s belief in his connotation of strategy the final word in the subject? If yes, why can’t his/her ideas be utilized to strategise about dozens of things that are of immensely improvable order in an otherwise excellent school. (This isn’t a forum to ejaculate… Read More »Creation – Preservation – Destruction – Creation (CPDC)