April 2009

India 4 of ∞

To most people, India is the land of the Taj Mahal, which was built by the fifth Mughal; Shahjahan in 1650, He loved his wife so much that she travelled with him everywhere and in one of the military campaigns; she died at an age of 39 while giving birth to their 14th child. She asked him to show the world how much he loved her and so came the… Read More »India 4 of ∞

Strategy – a fallacy?

Much has been said and written about strategy and how companies rise or fall as a consequence of decisions taken (accidentally or intentionally) over a period of time. If strategy was a science it could easily be taught and cracked and theorised and as a consequence of this no company would ever falter because enough evidence and data are available to learn from. Yet – companies continue to make mistakes… Read More »Strategy – a fallacy?

Thank you Professor Cockrum

We had only heard some tales about Prof. Cockrum and Entrepreneurial Finance, before taking on this module. Some said you need balls of steel to survive this. Some said he is a devil, some said he is GOD of his subject. But having worked 16 hours a day for 5 straight days, I can say this with a degree of confidence that this is the best thing that not only… Read More »Thank you Professor Cockrum

A week to remember

What an amazing learning curve !! As students of MBA each one of us strives to be an entrepreneur and some of us will actually make the cut some day. Prof. Bill Cockrum’s module on Entrepreneurial Finance has been the high point of this MBA. One seldom comes across teachers who have a passion to make each class/lecture the best that they ever delivered and have the wealth of knowledge… Read More »A week to remember

India 3 of ∞

The first Rolls Royce came to India in 1908 for the Maharaja of Gwalior and by 1947, the Indian streets were haunted by some 1400 Rolls Royces: The maximum sold in any country in just under 40 years in those times. The traffic jams caused by the cars of the Nizams of Hyderabad, had swarms of poor compensation seekers hoping to have aged relatives run over by his car.

Warwick – A great value

“Small courtesies sweeten life – The greater ones ennoble it” More than often we ignore small courtesies in life because we fail to identify them. While discussing my MBA with a fellow friend who is reading at a top business school in London, I was pleasantly surprised at the great value Warwick offers. Value is not only in money. Value is in value addition, value addition thru small courtesies –… Read More »Warwick – A great value

India 2 of ∞

India was primarily the abode of the Dravidians. And then came the various invasions. The Aryans invaded 5000 yrs ago, Huns in 5th century, the Mughals in the 14th century and the British in the 18th. India has come a long way and that is the reason why this country is a melting point of so many religions, languages, cultures and sects. The propensity to compromise and co-exist when survival… Read More »India 2 of ∞

True Love

All his life her love kept lingering around him like a perfume but he could never have enough of it. Yet – even in adversity he did all that he could for her and got her the absolution from the burden with which she died. She was too proud to accept that she could not read or write – and she made the ultimate sacrifice by confessing that she signed… Read More »True Love